BAXTER-FX FX platforms

All your trades consolidated in one location.

BAXTER-FX receives your trades from the different platforms in real time via STP (Straight Through Processing). All the trades will be availabe in your web clearing portal in real time.

Quick sort, filter and export.

You can sort your search results by platform, date, currency pairs… And export them as CSV or PDF files.

BAXTER-FX Clearing Report exporting
BAXTER-FX Combined or Fixed fee

How do you want to see your fees?

Choose your preference between fees combined or split.

Have a look on these features with your Demo account.

Retrieve your e-statements whenever you need them.

Reports are uploaded to your Clearing Portal automatically everyday at 3am (GMT) for the previous session date. In them you will be able to check all the trades executed in the previous session, your net equity and your open positions.

BAXTER-FX e-statements
BAXTER-FX Treasurey style

Is your strategy based on a triangular arbitrage?

Then the Treasury style is for you.

Do you like to see exactly how much P&L your “in and out” trades generated?

Then the Futures Style is for you.

BAXTER-FX Futures style
BAXTER-FX Margin calculation

Margin status, global cash position and P&L.

Here you can monitor your portfolio status and net open positions with dynamic mark-to-market and live margin calculation. See your positions for each currency in real time.

Managed accounts and Funds.

BAXTER-FX Back Office technology allows clients to appoint traders to execute trades on behalf of their account. The authorised traders can trade on one master account, and then the system will allocate all trades to sub accounts via the BAXTER-FX PAMM module.


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